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Short-Term Insurance

Short-term Insurance can be an excellent tool for “bridging short gaps” between jobs, to the next healthcare Open Enrollment Period (Healthcare – OEP), or before aging into Medicare; especially if there is no Quailed Life Event (QLE) that creates a Special Enrollment Period for access to other ACA-compliant healthcare options [that also may be subsidize].  


Short-term plans can generally go from 30-days up to an initial term of 364-days. They are available all year long. They are often less expensive than some un-subsidized ACA-compliant insurance options, but most come with pre-existing conditions and other coverage limitations which might not make it the best option for all clients.


If you are suffering a temporary loss of health coverage; regardless of the reason, give us a call to help identify the right option for you and your family at this time.

Self-service link to Short-Term Insurance

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