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Working Together

Small Group Insurance

Small-group health insurance is defined as medical insurance geared toward businesses with 50 or fewer full-time employees. But did you know that a group can be as few as two people in a business (and, in some cases, a husband and wife).

A small employer, as defined above, is not required to offer health insurance. However, studies show that group insurance coverage (and other benefits like dental, vision, and/or STD) can help smaller employer retain and/or attract talented employees. We can assist our clients research the viability of offering group health insurance. We can also help create a fully insured or self- funded plan to meet their business goals and objectives.  


In cases where a group plan is not the best option, we can be a no-charge professional resource to all employees of the business to ensure that they are getting the best individual coverage for their situation.


Click below or give us a call to find out if a group plan is right for your business.  

It's easy, fast and secure.

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