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Life Insurance

Life insurance, in its simplest function, pays a death benefit to a beneficiary upon the passing of an insured individual. But life insurance can do so much more. Life insurance: can replace income, can be a tax-favored strategy, or can transfer wealth; just to name a few benefits. 


There are many types of life insurance and solutions that we make available for our clients. The 3 most commonly requested policy types are: final expense [smaller coverage amounts with limited or NO underwriting; whole life [permanent]; or term-life [temporary coverage with larger coverage amount available for lower premiums]. We work with several respected life insurance companies to provide access to the right product(s) for any stage of life.


The absolute best time to purchase life insurance is 15-days after birth (parents & grandparents; we can help with that). If you or a family member is without life insurance; the second-best time to purchase life insurance is always TODAY!  Give us a call!

It's easy, fast and secure.

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