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Individual Health Insurance

Almost weekly we receive a call or referral from an individual or family wanting to purchase individual health insurance because of a pregnancy; a health diagnosis; etc... But like group insurance (from employers), compliant insurance plans have very strict enrollment and/or lock-out periods. The second most common call is from someone that enrolled in a plan that was promised to be "xx% of the cost of Obama-care" only to find out it would not truly pay all their medical expenses.

Affordable Care Act- Compliant (ACA-Compliant) individual health insurance coverage pays for medical and-or surgical expenses; pregnancy; prescription drugs; mental health and all preventive health requirements. Most importantly, an ACA-compliant plan has NO pre-existing conditions; NO annual maximums on what they will cover; and NO lifetime maximums on what they will cover. And finally, depending on income & household size, they can be very affordable for over 80% of American households.


Don’t try to figure this out alone. We are here to help. Give us a call immediately if within the last or next 60-days you or some you know is: turning 26-yrs old; lost/losing a job; had/having a baby OR has experienced any qualified life event (QLE) that may qualify them for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). 

Self-Service Link for under-65 Individual Health Insurance

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