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Dental Surgery

Dental & Vision

Regular dental checkups and cleanings can prevent more serious and costly issues later. Regular eye examinations can help detect and possibly reduce the onset of various diseases of the eye – macular degeneration; glaucoma; etc. Contrary to our expectation; Dental and Vision insurance is generally supplemental to other types of medical insurance policies.


Dental coverage may be: Preventive or Comprehensive; HMO or PPO; or simply a dental discount program. Of course, Vision insurance helps offset the costs of routine vision checkups and of any corrective eyewear that may be prescribed. More serious vision issues are covered under our medical insurance policies. Many Medicare Advantage plans currently offer some level of vision and/or dental benefit embedded in the plan or for a small additional fee.


A Dental Discount plan can be a very cost-effective way to receive dental services. It is not traditional dental insurance. A DDP offers pre-negotiated pricing on dental services with little or no paperwork/claims filing. 


Are you looking for dental or vision insurance? Do you know if the dental coverage in your Medicare Advantage plan is preventive OR comprehensive? Either way; we can assist. Give us a call today!

Self-Service Link for Individual
Dental and/or Vision

Save 10% to 60%

at the Dentist, plus additional savings available on Telemedicine, Vision, Rx and more!​

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